Mar 12, 2008

The Annual Israeli Intelligence Report Indicates Israel Could Faces Attacks on Five Different Fronts

By Jimmy DeYoung

The Annual Israeli Intelligence Report prepared by the IDF's intelligence branch with the help of the Mossad, shows that Lebanon is crumbling and falling into the hands of Hezbollah, that Syria remains a threat and that Gaza and the worldwide Islamic Jihad movement are a threat to the Jewish state as well.

The most significant danger of all for Israel is Iran's nuclear program and their connection to Hamas in the Gaza Strip and that Israel's Northern border with Hezbollah, which is a highly flammable situation, realizing that if Hezbollah attacks Israel, this will ignite other Arab fronts as well. The report reveals there are five hostile operative fronts: Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Iran and global Jihad with Iran the main threat as indicated by the report.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The Annual Israeli Intelligence Report is like reading out of the pages of Bible prophecy which lays out a scenario for the Middle East in the Last Days.

The IDF's intelligence branch with the help of the Mossad presents an annual report to inform the Israeli government and its military leaders of what they may expect in the next year. The reality that Israel is facing five hostile fronts: Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Iran and global Jihad alerts the region that the situation is highly flammable and could be ignited by an attack on Israel by Hezbollah which would open up other Arab fronts.

Let me remind you that I have been reading from the Annual Israeli Intelligence Report, not the pages of Bible prophecy. Bible prophecy however, does mention the same Middle Eastern Islamic nations and almost a word-for-word scenario that will unfold in the Last Days, a scenario that can be found in all the Bible prophecy books including: Daniel 11, Ezekiel 38 and even Psalm 83. Joel 2 reveals that this Alignment of Nations will come to Jerusalem to destroy the Jewish state, an event that takes place just after the Rapture of the Church.

Israeli Intelligence and Bible prophecy indicate that Bible prophecy indeed will be fulfilled.