Feb 16, 2008

Veltroni Intends to Create a 'Religions Organization of Nations' in Rome


The leader of the Italian Democratic Party, Walter Veltroni, today proposed the creation of an 'Organization of Religions Nations' Rome-based, and said that the idea' liked 'by both the secretary of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, as Pope Benedict XVI.

Veltroni explained that his idea is the creation of a 'palace of religions' in Rome, like the United Nations in New York, where representatives of all faiths of the world can' meet and talk among themselves.

The political leader said that it has already proposed his initiative, which called 'United Religions' (Religions Nations), both Benedict XVI as the secretary of the UN, who' liked the idea.

Veltroni announced today that proposal during an appearance before reporters in Rome as a farewell, after it yesterday submit his resignation as mayor of the city to begin his campaign as a candidate for president of the Government in the upcoming April elections.

Rome is currently the headquarters of three of the United Nations agencies that deal with food: the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) and the Global Agenda Food (WFP).