Feb 6, 2008

The Middle East Looks To The EU

By Michael G. Mickey

DEBKAfile and a number of other online sources reported that the Palestinians recently "exploited the chaos on the Gaza-Sinai border to smuggle in quantities of long-range rockets, anti-tank and anti-air rockets and high explosives for missiles." Who would've guessed, right?

As a result of that, as we see in a
Haaretz report, Israel is considering building a separation fence along its border with Egypt, as well as having an "interministerial task force" examine the possibility of "stationing an international force in the Gaza Strip."

In June of 2007, Hamas indicated they would meet any such force with '
shells and rockets' but would it? Who knows, right? Regardless of Hamas' intentions Daniel 9:26-27 tells us with certainty that a seven-year covenant of peace in the troubled Middle East is eventually going to be confirmed (or made strong) by a prince (or leader) of Roman descent (the prophesied Antichrist) who will do so "with many" in support of him.

How do we confirm peace in our world today? As I suggest is a strong possibility each time we review information like this pouring from the headlines of our world today, it is done through the utilization of peacekeeping forces, often of an international variety. The United Nations-led force being used in Lebanon today (UNIFIL) is an example of this.

A long time ago I suggested that the years upon years of Israel fighting its enemies only to be condemned repeatedly by the international community for doing so has taken its toll on Israel's collective psyche. Israel's reluctance to allow a force such as the one I sense may be alluded to in Daniel 9:27 to keep the peace is starting to crumble and rapidly so as we see in the following excerpt from a
Haaretz editorial on the topic:

Israel has been deterred in the past from "internationalizing the conflict." It traditionally opposed any international intervention on the assumption that deploying foreign soldiers would limit the Israel Defense Forces and make it difficult for the military to protect Israel.

However, the recent war in Lebanon changed the approach. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was the first to suggest an increased involvement of a UNIFIL force. The prime minister had reservations, but after two weeks he also began to support the solution that is now in force in Lebanon.

This is not a perfect solution. But after having tried everything, and after it became clear that the use of force alone does not solve the problem, there is no other option.

How chilling it is, as we examine what is going to occur to Israel in the prophetic future, to see Israel presently considering making what is going to be, sooner or later, its ultimate mistake. Eventually, Israel is going to place its safety in the hands of the Antichrist himself whose promises of peace and safety will eventually be proven to be a house of cards prior to the visible, physical, bodily return of Jesus Christ to the earth at Armageddon. But isn't this exactly what I've been telling my readers for years to watch for to take place? Indeed it is.

Interestingly, as all of this is going on, bringing the advent of the Antichrist closer and closer to taking place, Egypt is looking for some help along that worrisome Gaza-Egypt border and they're looking to the revived Roman empire of Bible prophecy to get it:
Egypt calls for return of EU observers to Gaza border

Step-by-step, Christians, things are coming around. Soon, I believe with all my heart, Jesus Christ is going to be coming around!

Are you ready?