Feb 19, 2008

Kosovo Has Declared Independence And Is Now Pushing For Global Recognition

By Jimmy DeYoung

Fireworks lit the skies and hundreds and thousands of people of Kosovo filled the streets of Kosovo's capital on Sunday, after the territories parliament declared independence from Serbia even as the Prime Minister of Serbia said that his country will never accept the establishment of a false country on it's territory.

Kosovo has begun it's campaign for global recognition but bitter divisions in the European Union and the United Nations have raised the potential for conflict over the Balkan territory while Russia and China have expressed outright opposition and grave concern over Kosovo's unilateral decision.

The United Nations Security Council was expected to hold an emergency meeting to discuss this issue with the Serbian president due to address the body on the breakaway his country bitterly opposes.

The declaration of independence by Kosovo is a geopolitical event that has a unique connection to the end time scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

In the late 1990's, the then US President Bill Clinton gave the order to bomb the country of Serbia in an effort to separate the Serbs from Kosovo. The Serbs considered Kosovo as the cradle of their civilization and say they will come together and show the whole world that they do not acknowledge the creation of a false state in their territory.

One very prominent geopolitical pundit told me that this declaration of independence in Kosovo, by the Albanian majority there, is part of an overall plan to form greater Albania, a state that will become an Islamic Republic under the Islamic Sharia Law.

This scenario does indeed set the stage for the world wide effort by the Moslems to establish an international caliphat, an Islamic kingdom under Allah and Sharia Law.

The ancient Jewish prophet Joel, in chapter two of his prophecy, reveals a massive military movement in the last days that will ultimately move to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. Daniel chapters 2 and 7 unfolds a scenario that brings about a world wide kingdom under Jesus Christ, not Allah.

Kosovo's declaration of independence does indeed help to set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.